What is Peaksay?

Peaksay is an interactive conversation game for language learners. It's a fun and easy way to practice speaking online. Read more here.

Is Peaksay a language course?

No. Peaksay is a tool to help you learn language--it's not a course. There are lots of great language classes and apps out there, and you should use Peaksay as a supplemental resource. In other words: we offer content, not curriculum.

Is there a recommended device to use for Peaksay Alpha?

Yes. Peaksay Alpha works best on a desktop computer with the newest version of Google Chrome. Of course, please send in bug reports for other devices and browsers! We will definitely support mobile before release.

Why does Peaksay Alpha look bad? Why is it hard to use on my phone?

Sorry. It will look and feel a lot better before release--promise.

Where is conversation XYZ? I can't find it.

Our conversation library is community-built. If you can't find the conversation you want, it just means that nobody has created it yet. That could be you! It's easy to create your own Peaksay conversation in a few minutes--add audio, pictures, and translations with the push of a button.

Share your creativity with our community and make Peaksay better for everyone. Get started now. 😎

I'm a teacher, can I assign Peaksay conversations and pronunciation lists to my students and track their progress?

Yes. Access the Classes Dashboard here.

Where is feature XYZ?

We're working on it. Stay tuned, lots of cool stuff will be added before release.

Can I play against people and not just a computer?

Multiplayer is coming.

Are conversations always linear?

Branching conversations are coming. This new conversation type will support multiple correct responses, as well as non-linear, branching paths that change every time you play the conversation.

You say all this stuff is coming, but when?

Hey, that's why we're in alpha.

Why is text-to-speech only available for some voices?

Unfortunately, Google's text-to-speech service (and Amazon Polly for Spanish) only supports 37 languages. Hopefully, Google will add more voices in the future.

Are the recordings I make for Speaking Mode and the Pronunciation Game stored anywhere?

Yes and no. We use the browser's built-in Web Speech API to transcribe speech. In Chrome, that could potentially mean your anonymized voice data is stored for AI training purposes. Peaksay itself does not store any data.

Will Peaksay still be free after release?

Yes and no. Anybody can learn and play any conversation, but more powerful features will be part of Peaksay Pro.

Where does the name "Peaksay" come from?

It's Pig Latin for "speak" (according to our rules, anyway).